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Data Correlations and Formulas for Predictive Analytics, Scientific Research, or Proving Totally Unrelated Things
Paste your CSV: First row headers, first column item name (non-numeric)
Don't include columns that you are sure are not related.
This free online version doesn't handle dates, but will handle days as a count in the past, or weeks as a count in the past, or a week of the year. If you want to indicate January 1st, consider making that 1, and December 31 be 365.
Your column headers can be Excel Column Labels (A1, C2). This will make the output formula generally copy and past compatible with Excel.
This version doesn't handle columns with $ or , in them.
This requires a CSV not a TSV, so you will have to do some manipulation if you want to make that work (save from excel open in notepad)

The 4 formulas with the highest correlation are shown. Often there are hundreds of possible formulas with varying levels of correlation.

How it Works

This is a combination of Cognitive Computing, AI, and Machine Learning. The formula's aren't always a 1.0 correlation when they are done, because there may not be one. But the formula's are designed to allow the bot to find "Divergents." If the formula finds a high correlation, the bot can look for what causes the variance in a second pass. It just happens that this tech is really good for checking if there are multiple possible correlations in the same dataset which is why this presents you with the best 4 formulas.

Who Needs It?

Anyone who would benefit from a formula for their data. Maybe you want to predict how many dollars someone will spend, or what factors influence their dating choices. The use cases are unlimited.

While the online version is limited in the number of columns it supports and the depth of operations, the full version offers an alternative to Palantir and other "AI" companies for data modeling. Unlike Bayes models, the results of Recognant's output is a formula that makes adjustments easy. Having a formula also means that almost any software can be enhanced with a low CPU cost way of generating predictive analytics.

Does it Work?

This online version works well for up to about 6 variables. Beyond that you need to contact us ( for a consultation.
Sample Data: (you can copy and paste these in to the form)